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Mark Grudzinski

MARK GRUDZINSKI – Associate Consultant & Trainer

Professional Experience

Mark started out with teaching in the UK. He subsequently embarked on a career in Marketing and Market Research; where he managed key accounts like AT & T, Qantas, Emirates and Hilton Hotels. After furthering his education, he moved into Consulting, in the areas of business strategy, marketing and branding.

With 18 years of living and working in Asia, Mark brings a wealth of experience to organisations in the region. Projects have taken him from the UK to throughout Asia. Based in Singapore, his work, mostly in the areas of Brand Strategy and Brand Internalization, has been for some of Asia’s top brands.

In the course of his work, through the years, he has effectively stitched thinking, tools and techniques together, from a variety of sources and disciplines to value add to clients. Deliverables have taken the form of company-specific workshops, brainstorming sessions and training programs.

Mark has been actively involved in facilitating objective-driven focus-groups for organisations, where strategy needed to be repositioned, re-mapped; and where implementing change is essential to powering an organization forward. Using an Appreciative Inquiry method, his success as a Facilitator is evident in the high rate of returning clientele.

With knowledge scaffolding and interactive instruction as his preferred learning strategies, Mark is particularly popular with Senior Management; where such learners respond well to being skillfully guided towards insightful and creative solutions of their own.

When unengaged with projects, Mark devotes his time to personal, executive and team coaching and mentoring.

Domain Expertise
  • Consulting in:
    - Brand Alignment
    - Brand Internalisation
    - Brand Strategy
    - Business Strategy
    - Marketing Strategy
  • Company Retreats
  • Facilitated Brainstorming
  • Facilitated Focus Groups
  • Group facilitation/workshops for corporate strategy, kick-off meetings
  • Team building & team effectiveness
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Vision, Mission, Values workshops
Clientele (Partial Listing)


  • DiGi Telecommunications, Malaysia
  • Celcom Bhd, Malaysia
  • Natrindo Telepon Seluler (Axis), Indonesia
  • SMART Communications (Philippines)


  • Shangri-La, Singapore
  • Ritz Carlton, Singapore
  • InterContinental Resort and Spa (Indonesia)

Financial Services

  • MNC Bank (Indonesia)
  • Clipan Finance (Indonesia)

Download Marks’s detailed resume and CV HERE