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E-Learning will become an inevitable learning methodology, in our dynamic, fast-paced borderless world. It uses technological media and tools for the imparting, conception and interchanging of knowledge. Sometimes synonymous with 'Learning Management Systems' (LMS), it refers to the technological tools and platform for learners to interface with online learning materials, and for educators to manage curriculum online.

Singapore being one of the most wired nations in Asia, E-learning has been made a mandatory component in the local WSQ (Work Skills Qualification) framework. TRIDUUM works with client organizations in exploring and implementing E-Learning and the many learning flexibilities it affords, always with a view to underpin the learning process.

Recognizing that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution in E-Learning, TRIDUUM supports client organizations in navigating the wide spectrum of digitization methods and delivery modes for learning, information and communication systems, be it cloud-based or nested within local networks.

TRIDUUM collaborates with technology partners in the areas of Augmented Reality, Mobile LMS, Learning Gamefication and Content Digitization in designing a ‘best-fit’ solution for client organizations. Best suited to organizations that view the world (virtual &/or real,) as their classroom, E-Learning can be self-paced or instructor-led, making it blended-learning and distance-learning friendly.

E-Learning is set to make learning AND training that much more exciting and engaging. Always seeking for ways to enhance the learning experience, TRIDUUM is harnessing our skills and knowledge in L & D, and married education and technology, to bring you VIDEOPLUGIN.

VIDEOPLUGIN is a video portal, which contains speciality clips for E-Learning. Available as downloads, this portal will be a rich resource library for all Trainers who need to include or enhance the E-Learning component in their curriculum, to make learning that much more compelling and effective. All videos, whether created in-house OR crowd-sourced, will be underpinned by instructional design; so as to cover the wide spectrum of the most sought after learning outcomes.

Approved Training Organisations (ATOs), public and in-house, Continuing Education and Training Centres (CETs), Adult Educators Network (AEN), Private Education Institutes, (PEIs), corporate Training Managers, Consultants, school teachers and Counsellors, VIDEOPLUGIN was made for you. Click HERE to know more.

Why E-Learning?

As continuing education and workplace learning take on a life of its own, E-learning makes learning open and accessible to all working adults. Organizations can now look at HRD more inclusively than ever before.

  • Learners can access and interact with multi-faceted online resources anywhere, at any time.
  • E-Learning, when crafted well, cuts across traditional barriers like age, time zones, culture, geography and varying levels of competence.
  • E-learning also facilitates offline interaction between students and educators; in online forums and comment boards.
  • Sharing of knowledge and cross-fertilization of ideas enrich the offline learning experience.
  • E-Learning puts the Learner ‘in charge’ of the learning pace, and increases ownership of the learning process.